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There are those who age beautifully,
Age tracing their faces with gentle fingers.
On this poet, the lines etched with care
Tell tales more potent that the poetry.
I wish you all the sharp emotions
to season your poetry.
The poets pen moves most quickly
When her heart moves most violently.
:iconfireyfreedom:fireyfreedom 1 0
I am a Woman
When I hold out my arms and proclaim
"I am a woman!"
What does that mean?
Mother, wife, girlfriend, child
When you look at me what do you see?
Possession, chattel,
  You see something you are owed
  You see the packaging
Do you see my hopes, my dreams, my struggles?
I am a person-- I have a plan.
   I will conquer and I will thrive
I am not yours
I am not defined by your ideals
I am not defined by sex
                or lack of
I am not defined by looks
I have a right to tell you no.
I have a right to my body and how it is treated.
I am a woman, I am a human, I have rights.
:iconfireyfreedom:fireyfreedom 3 0
I loved a Fae Warrior
I loved a Fae warrior
Strong she stood, silent and proud on a street corner.
Unafraid of mortal eyes, unconcerned by mortal cares.
A Fae warrior loved me.
In calloused hands, strong and sure,
and in songs, old and new and bitter with memories.
WE loved, unconcerned
   By moonlight
      and sunlight
We loved on battlefields
        in cafes
        in our home
She played the guitar and sang
   songs full of kisses sweet and battles harsh
I loved a Fae warrior.
  But I outlived her.
:iconfireyfreedom:fireyfreedom 3 3
I am a hero:
A thin veneer of righteousness over a monster of darkness.
I cherish the darkness and resign myself to righteousness.
:iconfireyfreedom:fireyfreedom 1 3
There is fire in my veins
and drumming in my heart
My voice speaks ancient ideas in modern language
I will curse and scream
The world spins at my feet
And history hinges on my choice
:iconfireyfreedom:fireyfreedom 0 0
The sweet sense of sadness
Twines through the melancholic melody
A faint hint of what might have been
       of what was
And the sadness is all the more poignant
for the wisp of happiness
:iconfireyfreedom:fireyfreedom 1 0
Mature content
Lucifer's Lover: Hot Chocolate :iconfireyfreedom:fireyfreedom 1 8
What tangled webs we weave
As we move through life
Spinning and spinning,
As strong as we can
Trying to anchor ourselves to strong branches,
And-- less strong, but more necessary-- to other people
Grasping with our spinnarets,
Reaching with threads we assume are strong,
Strong enough to hold against everything
But then a hand comes and sweeps our webs away.
:iconfireyfreedom:fireyfreedom 2 6
Scream Prayers
I will whisper a prayer
Through dry lips wet with salt
Only you my Friend can/will hear my screams
They are my gift to you
This part of me I cannot share with any other.
:iconfireyfreedom:fireyfreedom 0 8
Sack Cloth
We are frightened of intimacy,
When I extend a hand,
You recoil as if from naked flesh,
Go on then, smother me,
I shall wear a sack cloth to cover my indecency.
:iconfireyfreedom:fireyfreedom 0 4
What am I looking for my Friend?
I can feel you just there,
Expectant, asking something of me,
But I do  not understand.
:iconfireyfreedom:fireyfreedom 3 10
Moths seek the flame,
Drawn to a fire that will destroy them.
What is the fascination with danger?
We are drawn to our own flames,
Our own tragic flaw.
Come my darlings,
Let us go laughing to our destruction.
:iconfireyfreedom:fireyfreedom 4 15
Empty Hearts
Eager little hearts,
open, but empty
waiting to be filled,
But with what?
Violence, Love?
My Friend I am afraid,
I despair,
What will fill these empty hearts?
:iconfireyfreedom:fireyfreedom 2 6
Outside of the school room,
Who is there to teach us?
Welcome Fried on my heart,
Come inside, I know you have lessons for me
Some will hurt, and some will exhault,
I will try to welcome them all the same
:iconfireyfreedom:fireyfreedom 1 8
A wasp clings to my windshield
Battered by the wind.
Little assassin,
It would behoove you to hide.
:iconfireyfreedom:fireyfreedom 0 2
She Will Love You Too
A Mistress, also a Friend to my heart
Cupping my fragile body
In hands old and covered in moss.
Come with me,
She will love you too.
:iconfireyfreedom:fireyfreedom 0 10

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Wow its been awhile since I've done anything on here.

Well, there's a new set of poetry out for ya'll.  Life's been crazy, but good.  How is everyone?  I've missed ya'll
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Devil Doll
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Art-Mills Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2015  Student Photographer
happy birth day!
humzahh Featured By Owner Edited Feb 12, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Kelly is no longer with us anymore. She was killed in a hit-and-run on January 17th.

I should add however, that she would have been thankful for your birthday wishes.
humzahh Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist

You were a good friend. You had high aspirations in life. You had big goals, big dreams. You really were, as they say, going to be something big when you got older. You were shy of 21 by only just a few weeks.

Do you remember losing Asharri back in 2012? We couldn't believe that anything would have happened to him walking home that night. Now I'm saying, along with Mrs. Edmonds, that we can't believe what we are hearing about you is true, and that you too were outside tonight. 

You really were one of the few influential people in my life. I remember walking into the library at Lamar my Sophomore year, looking for some books but also seeming withdrawn and without friends, when you started chatting it up with me from behind the checkout counter. You introduced me to Mrs. Marrou, Mrs. Edmonds, and Asharri - and for that, I am grateful.

I don't say this often, but you will be missed. I won't be able hear your name again without ever thinking of you.

You never did anything to hurt people. I hope it didn't hurt. I hope it was painless, and over with quickly. I am only able to imagine the scene in my head, and it is admittedly something I would rather not think of.

It's tough to see you go, Kelly. I hope the driver that hit you and left you behind, will be found and held accountable for his or her actions. It's infuriating what they did to you. They didn't just hurt your family, but they also hurt your friends, such as me. I'm sorry I neglected our friendship. From the bottom of my heart, I hope your family finds peace.

And so, the world moves on. Have a goodnight's sleep, Kelly. Farewell.
LemonLimeCrime Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
LemonLimeCrime Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Hello! Do you miss me yet?
JoshArgentine Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2013
DAMMIT! ...I lost The Game. Well played.
fireyfreedom Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
*bows* thank you good sir
kittiasher Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2012
Tag! You're it! [link]
fireyfreedom Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Well damn.
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